Definition of lieutenant junior grade in US English:

lieutenant junior grade


  • A commissioned officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard ranking above ensign and below lieutenant.

    • ‘Now I was thinking to myself that CAG and the skipper were biting their nails as the only lieutenant junior grade in the two Hornet squadrons was flailing around the gulf.’
    • ‘We had an extensive debrief afterward - all the more grueling for our lieutenant junior grade because the event was eventually cancelled for weather.’
    • ‘My crew consisted of a lieutenant starting his last year at the command as aircraft commander, a lieutenant junior grade on his first mission commander hop, another department head, and our CAG chaplain.’
    • ‘Eighteen months later, a Navy selection board promoted him to lieutenant, advancing him beyond the next immediate rank of lieutenant junior grade.’
    • ‘Even though I was a nugget lieutenant junior grade on my first set of work-ups, I was starting to feel salty around the boat.’