Definition of liegeman in English:



  • A vassal who owes feudal service or allegiance to a nobleman.

    • ‘The other men, two of Lord Roquesworthe's liegemen besides himself, and his oldest son, Noel, made up the other participants in the conversation.’
    • ‘He kept his face pressed fiercely into the knight's shoulder and shook with the cold and his terror of the moment when his noble, perfect savior revealed himself as the Baron's liegeman and dragged him back into misery and madness.’
    • ‘The occasional frightened servant scurried past every so often but the liegeman said nothing as they walked down the large hallway.’
    • ‘It was fairly large, consisting of about eight liegemen, his mother riding beside him, and his father leading the way while conversing with two other men who had traveled to see the wedding.’
    • ‘With sudden energy, she ran to the window, just in time to see the mighty gates drawn open by her father's liegemen, and hear the golden notes of the hunting horn.’