Definition of lie with in US English:

lie with

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a responsibility or problem) be attributable to (someone)

    ‘the ultimate responsibility for the violence lies with the country's president’
    • ‘It does not lie with the State Services Commissioner and certainly not with the Minister.’
    • ‘The burden of proof lies with the customs service to prove the goods were to be sold commercially, the court said.’
    • ‘A great responsibility lies with the elected members of both local assemblies.’
    • ‘Some blame her, some blame her adversaries on the board, while others see the responsibility as lying with all of the warring parties.’
    • ‘He is right to say that the problem does not, at its root, lie with individual teachers and their prejudices.’
    • ‘The responsibility lies with everyone whether they understand or not.’
    • ‘The upgrade of roads linking Carlow town to these junctions is not regarded as part of the overall scheme, with responsibility for these roads lying with Carlow County Council should the need for their upgrade arise.’
    • ‘The roots of this tradition lie with the western, heterosexual androcentric values of the 19th century prescriptive grammar movement.’
    • ‘As for contributing comments, the responsibility lies with each posting entity.’
    • ‘In Ilkley, the responsibility for 30 sites lies with only sixteen people.’
  • 2archaic Have sexual intercourse with.

    • ‘First, notice that this passage says absolutely nothing about a woman lying with a woman.’
    • ‘She could hear Charles in the adjoining bathroom; his very presence sickened her, she knew she would not be able to bear lying with him, particularly with her last night with Will so fresh in her mind.’
    • ‘He said it would be better to kill the grown women, and save just ‘the young girls who have not known man by lying with him.’’
    • ‘They deflowered themselves upon the carved phalli of Hermes, Tutunus, Priapus or some other ‘anointed’ god before lying with their bridegrooms.’