Definition of lick one's lips in US English:

lick one's lips


  • Look forward to something with relish; show one's satisfaction.

    • ‘When his bowl was emptied twice, he smacked his lips.’
    • ‘In bake houses across the city, chefs are busy whipping up their festive-best offers, even as cake-crazy customers are smacking their lips.’
    • ‘I was powerless to resist the allure of what tasted like a sucrose - laden cafe latte, smacking my lips constantly and worrying my teeth were caked in lipstick.’
    • ‘Growing up in London, where it is ubiquitous, I have long been a fan of the chain, and the news last week that it has finally crossed the border to arrive in Scotland has me smacking my lips in anticipation.’
    • ‘I smacked my lips, and handed her the drink and smiled uncontrollably.’
    • ‘He turned to study his friend and smacked his lips.’
    • ‘It was so yummy that I didn't think twice about gathering all the crumbs off the bottom of the box with my wet finger tips then smacking my lips.’
    • ‘Our dining companion, not one to shy away from rich food, unsurprisingly polished this off, smacking his lips and barely allowing us even a mouthful.’
    • ‘The news that he was injured must have had them smacking their lips in anticipation.’
    • ‘Then he grabs an apple and bites noisily into it, smacking his lips unselfconsciously as he demolishes it, blissfully unaware of how rude it will sound when the interview tape is played back later.’