Definition of library edition in US English:

library edition


  • An edition of a book which is of large size and has good-quality print and binding, especially the standard edition of a writer's works.

    ‘31 essays by Dickens gathered together in the library edition of his works’
    • ‘Such a pity, since it is an elegant library edition of an acclaimed work by a master.’
    • ‘Fans of the show will want to get the set so they can throw away their VHS copies and free up space on their shelves, but it's doubtful this set would appeal to first-time viewers as a library edition, which is a shame.’
    • ‘I can see myself absorbed and riveted by library editions of D. H. Lawrence's letters in two volumes.’
    • ‘We have some people on the message board wondering how long the library editions (as opposed to the new editions) will still be available through bookstores.’


library edition

/ˈlīˌbrerē əˌdiSHən/