Definition of librarianship in US English:



  • See librarian

    • ‘The problem is exacerbated by the various fashions in librarianship - how many libraries now prefer to be called ‘resource centres’ or other such jargon?’
    • ‘He has prepared a brief report, laced with statistical findings and the technical aspects of librarianship, which demands a more thorough inquiry into the methods of the appraisal.’
    • ‘He was born and raised in Winnipeg and attended the University of Manitoba, then went on to UBC where he completed his master of librarianship in 1975.’
    • ‘And there he stayed, comfortably situated, reasonably paid, with an amplitude of time to pursue his literary interests, for the next 29 years, until, in 1904, he was offered, and eagerly seized, the House of Lords librarianship.’
    • ‘My three years of librarianship had prepared me for this by telling me that if we took the books off the shelf and piled them in order we could quickly reshelve them afterwards.’