Definition of Libran in US English:



  • Relating to the sign of Libra.

    ‘a Libran role model’
    • ‘Get ready, steady, and prepared for the soul-expanding Libran year ahead.’
    • ‘They both appear to live up to the Libran image of easy harmony.’
    • ‘To communicate meaningfully with our client requires a certain Libran responsiveness.’
    • ‘Emotional logic is a language that sometimes isn't easy for Libran minds to tune in to.’
    • ‘Piscean transits do aggravate Libran indecision, so when you start weighing up a dozen different alternatives, set time limits on your decision-making.’
    • ‘This week, Libran scales may be tipping one way then the other between the way you think things ought to be and the way they actually are.’
    • ‘The notorious Libran tendency to be in love with love is spiced with a lively sexuality and an altogether more worldly outlook on life.’
    • ‘This year, Libran procrastination is gone with the wind, and your elegant originality will be widely applauded.’
    • ‘As your Libran child grows up and becomes a parent herself, she will very much want to follow in your footsteps.’
    • ‘His appeal was populist, which is also a Libran trait.’


  • A person born under the sign of Libra.

    ‘Librans are usually very sympathetic’
    • ‘This is, of course, part of my personality which I blame on being a Libran.’
    • ‘You have absorbed influences from a highly developed culture or you wouldn't be a Libran.’
    • ‘Being a Libran, I can never make up my mind.’
    • ‘Saturn governs all Librans, and it usually entails trials and then rewards.’
    • ‘It is only the fortunate who win the love of a Libran.’
    • ‘Your emotions are coming to a climax this month, dear Libran.’
    • ‘On a brighter note, I'd like to wish a slightly belated Happy Birthday to a fellow Libran.’
    • ‘The side which is represented by his Scorpio Moon sign would, by its very nature, be the opposite of a typical Libran.’
    • ‘The biggest fault of the Libran is that in striving to be fair to others, they are often anything but.’
    • ‘A Libran is always a Libran, no matter what the Moon sign may be.’