Definition of libidinous in English:



  • Showing excessive sexual drive; lustful.

    • ‘If the process occurs too early or too late, if it is too strict or too libidinous, dire consequences will result.’
    • ‘I felt rather buoyed up by this and confirmed in my occasionally libidinous ways.’
    • ‘The result is an invigorating, boisterous look at a group of wildly cynical and libidinous college brats.’
    • ‘When it first came out, swing was libidinous, hedonistic devil music.’
    • ‘Taking on the libidinous cool of their idols but slowing things down a good deal, these guys certainly don't seem to mind extended patches of instrumental repetition, just as long as they've struck upon something cool.’
    • ‘High court sentences for lewd and libidinous behaviour, which includes some sex offences against children, also fell, from over five years to four.’
    • ‘Conceivably the room had not yet fully recovered from the assault on their libidinous sensibilities.’
    • ‘She produced a tape which she says lays bare the hypocrisy of a famous self-righteous director whom she depicts as a libidinous villain.’
    • ‘In a culture famous for its libidinous ways, carnival is the wildest time of all.’
    • ‘That should be enough to stem our sometimes inexplicably ludicrous and potentially harmful libidinous urges.’
    • ‘The angry young man had turned into a disillusioned old man living on libidinous memories.’
    lustful, lecherous, lascivious, lewd, carnal
    erotic, sexual, sensual, venereal, hot, fleshly, voluptuous
    salacious, prurient, licentious, libertine, lubricious, dissolute, debauched, depraved, degenerate, decadent, dissipated, wanton, promiscuous, immoral, unchaste, unvirtuous, loose, impure, intemperate, abandoned, incontinent, gross, ruttish, goatish, wolfish
    concupiscent, lickerish
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Late Middle English: from Latin libidinosus, from libido desire, lust.