Definition of liberator in US English:



  • A person who liberates a person or place from imprisonment or oppression.

    ‘they saw themselves not as conquerors but as liberators’
    • ‘Writing in 1888, historian Henry Howe said that when MacGahan returned to Bulgaria in 1877, he was everywhere hailed as a liberator and deliverer.’
    • ‘Washington is the hero of the United States, the great liberator.’
    • ‘Some of our formerly rescued and rehabilitated children are now the leaders and liberators in their own communities.’
    • ‘The abiding hero of Latin America is Simon Bolivar, the great liberator.’
    • ‘What I found there did not correspond to what was being reported most crucially, that the liberators were widely perceived as occupiers.’
    rescuer, saviour, deliverer, freer, emancipator, messiah, champion, knight in shining armour, good samaritan
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