Definition of Leyland cypress in US English:

Leyland cypress


  • A fast-growing hybrid conifer that is narrowly conical with a dense growth of shoots bearing scale-like leaves, widely grown as a screening plant or for shelter.

    × Cupressocyparis leylandii, family Cupressaceae; a hybrid between the Nootka cypress and the Monterey cypress (macrocarpa)

    • ‘In towns, the infamous Leyland cypress is often the barrier between homes.’
    • ‘Flat-needled Leyland cypress contrasts nicely with smooth magnolia leaves on a mantel and adds soft filler in arrangements.’
    • ‘For privacy, Stacie planted a screen of Leyland cypress along the back lot line.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in the yard, Leyland cypresses form a solid wall of feathery foliage.’


1930s: named after Christopher J. Leyland (1849–1926), British horticulturist.


Leyland cypress