Definition of lexicographic in US English:



  • See lexicography

    • ‘This might be one of those cases where two words from completely different sources form a mutually reinforcing resonance: a lexicographic pole, so to speak.’
    • ‘Anyone with a bit of imagination can also think of many ways that access to very large transcribed speech corpora could be used as an empirical foundation for scientific or lexicographic investigations of speech and language.’
    • ‘Unfortunately it seems only to go back to 1990, so we can't compare lexicographic terrorism awareness across the Atlantic in 1977.’
    • ‘In fact, I think that any one of those examples would probably do as an adequate basis for lexicographic generalization, suggesting that my use in the preceding paragraph, though plausible enough, is not the same sense.’
    • ‘A real risk is in language and in law something distinctly less than a probability, and it cannot be elevated by lexicographic stages into something more than it is.’