Definition of lex fori in US English:

lex fori


  • The law of the country in which an action is brought.

    • ‘It is clear that the ordinary rule in tort is that the law of the place where the action is being brought - the lex fori - is the law to be applied.’
    • ‘The way we put it, your Honour, lex fori is one of the choices.’
    • ‘Subject to what I shall say in a moment, characterisation or classification is governed by the lex fori.’
    • ‘It is clear that in the absence of proof of a foreign law our courts will apply the lex fori, the law of Ontario.’
    • ‘If a court within the Community is applied to despite such an agreement, its decision on the validity of the agreement depriving it of jurisdiction must be taken in accordance with its own lex fori.’


Latin, ‘law of the court’.


lex fori