Definition of Levantine in US English:



  • Of or trading to the Levant.

    ‘the Levantine coast’
    • ‘After all, with all due respect, who is this Levantine nation and what does it understand anyway?’
    • ‘In the 1600s and 1700s, the Druze were the most powerful community on the Levantine coast.’
    • ‘Most notable is the distinction between the Levantine coast and the inland region of Syria, which is marked just east of Aleppo where the agricultural plain meets the desert.’
    • ‘This essay has detailed the various agendas in Levantine historiographies as related to the sultana's career.’
    • ‘Here the aged lanes striate, as if geologically, in tight rows of narrow Levantine houses.’


  • A person who lives in or comes from the Levant.

    • ‘Furthermore, the patterns can be associated with specific contexts of use and consumption that suggest the Levantines knew and understood what these elements signified.’