Definition of letterhead in US English:



  • 1A printed heading on stationery stating a person's or organization's name and address.

    ‘write to the company's registered office, which you can normally get from their letterhead’
    • ‘The letterheads have a conspicuous 1950s graphic design style.’
    • ‘It was bulky, and the letterheads gave me a headache.’
    • ‘Project topics included in the book are designing video and CD covers, scanning techniques for print and the web, blending photos, creating letterheads, and reducing file sizes.’
    • ‘Somebody got old letterheads and signatures, and cut and pasted.’
    • ‘Thieves imitate well-known Web sites or send email with fake letterheads and ask for personal information, collect the replies and abuse what they learn.’
    • ‘The large format of the book gives full justice to the more than 200 illustrations, 150 of them in full colour, and allows us to appreciate the typographic detail of letterheads and advertisements.’
    • ‘One bank received fax copies of these documents, but found them to be suspicious since there were no letterheads or stamps and therefore referred the case to the police for investigation.’
    • ‘The Celtic influence appears in the lettering on shop signs, letterheads, jewelry, and tombstones.’
    • ‘If the member states agreed to the change, flags and letterheads could be changed.’
    • ‘The campaign had fallen foul of that device where people are pumped up to impressive titles on letterheads, simply to show the extent of support, without any check on who they are and why they are in support.’
    • ‘It was typed up neatly on a standard piece of office paper bearing the official watermark and letterhead of the City Park Service.’
    • ‘I close the window and return to correcting letterheads.’
    • ‘Documents relating to absinthe are quite collectible, especially those with printed letterheads, such as invoices, catalogues, price lists, and brochures.’
    • ‘Your letterhead, stationary, business cards and Web site must be first-rate.’
    • ‘It has neither an official signature nor letterhead of the armed forces.’
    1. 1.1 A sheet of paper with a printed heading stating a person's or organization's name and address.
      • ‘Bolen said PepsiCo knew nothing of the scheme, and that documents written on PepsiCo letterhead were fabrications.’
      • ‘Because the responses will be made public, we would appreciate resulting actual documents on appropriate letterhead.’
      • ‘A typical example of this would be the print company that for years has printed your brochures and letterheads and suddenly here they are now offering to design your Web site.’
      • ‘It's amazing how many people still stroll to the printer to load letterheads or envelopes, rather than configuring their printer to permanently keep different stocks.’
      • ‘He now has students and friends seeking the ‘designer’ rubber stamps to get imprints on their books, letterheads, cards and as emblems and logos.’
      • ‘We had most of our letterheads and leaflets printed but it's worth paying for the change if it will make the customers happy.’
      • ‘Officers recovered invoices, letterheads and customer names and orders to prove that he had been trading since 1994.’
      • ‘It seems odd that the memos were simply typed on blank sheets of paper instead of some kind of letterhead.’
      • ‘Now her eyecatching design will grace school letterheads, sweatshirts and merchandise in coming months.’
      • ‘The caller has him bring some letterhead with him on some excuse.’
      • ‘The hearing was told his four written responses contained ‘political content’ and were a misuse of council letterheads.’
      • ‘I slowly amassed quite an impressive portfolio of rejection letters, each impeccably typed on embossed letterheads and signed with a flourish.’
      • ‘I'm far more moved by one personal, persuasive testimonial than dozens of press releases on acronym-laden letterhead.’
      • ‘While signs, letterheads and even the school website may still say Oakwood, the change in uniform - compulsory for new students and optional for year eight and nine pupils - is one of the first steps towards the transition.’
      • ‘It should be on company letterhead, cleanly printed and inviting to read.’
      • ‘Official letterheads and fliers are being prepared and once they are in place fundraising and sponsorship can really get underway.’