Definition of lethargically in US English:



  • See lethargic

    • ‘The anguish was laced with embarrassment that Portugal, hosting its first major tournament, could mark the occasion by playing so lethargically, both creatively and physically, in the opener.’
    • ‘By September, fat with worms and snail meat, they ambled lethargically towards hibernation, miraculously slowing down their metabolism to lie curled up in suspended animation, surviving for weeks with neither food nor drink.’
    • ‘After she told her mother that she had a lot of homework to finish (which was a lie, she hardly had any after reading in the coffee shop) she climbed up the stairs lethargically.’
    • ‘The hangings lazily moved into the classroom whenever there was a bit of breeze that broke the still, tepid air of the afternoon, and lethargically straightened themselves out again once it had passed.’
    • ‘I set the pancakes on my dresser and gathered up the blankets I'd laid out for Nell, lethargically deciding that I had no choice but to sleep on my windowsill.’