Definition of let something off in US English:

let something off

phrasal verb

  • Cause a gun, firework, or bomb to fire or explode.

    • ‘Everyone let out a great cheer, and fireworks were let off.’
    • ‘Thousands of fireworks were let off in the castle grounds at the stroke of midnight to mark the start of the New Year.’
    • ‘Some people enjoy fireworks but animals don't and can become terrified when fireworks are let off.’
    • ‘When he played Carnegie Hall in 1971 a stink bomb was let off.’
    • ‘Explosive devices were let off in Paris, and celebrities were threatened with letter-bombs if they didn't contribute to the cause.’
    • ‘Monday's explosion occurred minutes after firecrackers had been let off during a religious ceremony in the area.’
    • ‘Already kids are letting off fireworks and collecting old tyres for their Halloween bonfires.’
    • ‘Do not waste flares or smokes by letting them off when there's no boat in sight - no-one will see them.’
    • ‘Will the idiots who let fireworks off all year ever stop to think of the upset they cause?’
    • ‘Police can also slap £80 on-the-spot fines on anyone letting fireworks off in the street.’
    detonate, discharge, explode, set off, fire off
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