Definition of let someone in in US English:

let someone in

phrasal verb

  • Admit someone to a room, building, or area.

    ‘I had to wake up my roommate to let me in’
    • ‘When she let them in the men held her in the kitchen while they ransacked all the rooms in the house.’
    • ‘So the driver rings the door bell and is let in.’
    • ‘In Australia country towns are already dying, in part because they are unwilling to let in strangers.’
    • ‘Just what is the problem with letting in these boat people?’
    • ‘I was to let myself in the basement around back.’
    • ‘He was standing outside the Pemberley gate, waiting patiently for the guard to let him in.’
    • ‘Obviously, there's been some overt mention of Iraq and chemical weapons - letting U.N. inspectors in and so on.’
    • ‘The prime minister has warned other Arab nations to be wary of who they let in.’
    • ‘He'll shut up once you let him in.’
    • ‘"Come on in," She chirped cheerily, stepping aside to let us in.’
    allow to enter, allow in, admit, take in, open the door to, grant entrance to, give access to, allow entry to, permit entry to, give right of entry to
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