Definition of let someone down gently in US English:

let someone down gently


  • Seek to give someone bad news in a way that avoids causing them too much distress or humiliation.

    • ‘Rather than letting Nicole down gently, it would only serve to raise her hopes even higher.’
    • ‘All the director can do is let you down gently, which he does.’
    • ‘Sophie called and let me down gently but I still wanted to scratch out her eyes.’
    • ‘Is there a good way to let someone down gently when you're not interested?’
    • ‘I think he was trying to let me down gently.’
    • ‘Sure, he's broken a bunch of hearts, but he's always let them down gently.’
    • ‘I had let him down gently and quietly so that the word wouldn't get to George.’
    • ‘His editor let him down gently and swiftly changed the subject.’
    • ‘She told me it would never happen between us, and she didn't let me down gently.’
    • ‘I didn't want anyone to get hurt, so I tried to let her down gently.’