Definition of let it go (or pass) in US English:

let it go (or pass)


  • Choose not to react to an action or remark.

    ‘the decision worried us, but we let it go’
    • ‘A Chinese boy was bitten by his neighbour's dog but his parents just let it pass because they thought the boy was not seriously injured.’
    • ‘I thought about telling you that, on the basis of my own extensive research; but I let it pass, believing my conclusions to be less than riveting.’
    • ‘This sounds a bit like staring to me, but I let it pass.’
    • ‘He should have remarked on this, but let it pass.’
    • ‘Most of the time I either don't notice or I'm of a mood to let it pass.’
    • ‘Actually, it was a couple of days back, but let it pass.’
    • ‘I told him over and over again: you're crossing the limit, let it pass.’
    • ‘I'm not sure what the Guardian and BBC would say about a scheme for which only white males qualified, but let it pass.’
    • ‘If there is a chance to bring it up, then do it by all means; but if there is no opportunity, then let it pass.’
    • ‘Well, okay, that wasn't routine, but let it pass.’