Definition of lesser-known in US English:



  • Not as well or widely known as others of the same kind.

    • ‘In each lesser-known hockey nation, he discovers the origin of the local game, and meets the eccentric and colourful players.’
    • ‘Well, beyond all the big names in the California recall race, there are scores of lesser-known candidates.’
    • ‘It's also listed as one of the many lesser-known ingredients in cigarettes.’
    • ‘According to the curator, Nivelle Tuli, the idea is to give recognition to lesser-known artists who never got their share of fame.’
    • ‘This release traces the lesser-known repertoire of one of the more fertile minds in jazzy, nuanced, percussive house.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, there are a host of lesser-known, unusual and just plain bizarre games available.’
    • ‘Umpires seem to report lesser-known bowlers but do not take action against higher-profile players.’
    • ‘What has happened to the traditional programme of well-known carols, interspersed with a few lesser-known ones?’
    • ‘This new show for children and their families is based on the lesser-known fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.’
    • ‘I found that some of the lesser-known voices resonated most with me.’
    • ‘The programmes served as an eye-opener for many on the lesser-known aspects of the State's history and heritage.’
    • ‘Bucking the trend, however, is Armagnac, France's lesser-known brandy from the Gascony region in the south-west.’
    • ‘In fact it was amusing to see some of the lesser-known players almost embarrassed by the attention they were getting.’
    • ‘Included are both the famed and the lesser-known players of the era.’
    • ‘We entered through one of the lesser-known side entrances and breezed right in.’
    • ‘The big names are there, of course, but what are interesting are the notes on the lesser-known artistes.’
    • ‘Despite having moved here about a year and a half ago, MacDonald is the lesser-known quantity in our fair city, but the buzz is good.’
    • ‘Works by Gordon Parks and Andy Warhol are included, along with many lesser-known and folk artists.’
    • ‘However, lesser-known or recognized are his contributions to photographic criticism.’
    • ‘The list is attractive and provides some lesser-known selections.’