Definition of less-developed country in US English:

less-developed country


  • A Third World or nonindustrialized country.

    • ‘Generally, the losers are lower-income workers, whose jobs are the easiest to duplicate in less-developed countries.’
    • ‘So the age-old question is, once development begins how do less-developed countries move from hard pegs to developed country floating currency arrangements without being attacked?’
    • ‘Before and without open source, the gap in national technology capabilities and infrastructure between the developed and less-developed countries - the technology gap - has been widening.’
    • ‘In this article, we explore the issue of industrial agglomeration and its relationship to economic development and growth in the less-developed countries of East Asia, with special reference to China.’
    • ‘In less-developed countries the picture is much worse.’
    • ‘After 1950, with colonialism dismantled, economic development was supposed to benefit the less-developed countries.’
    • ‘The argument that many make, is that the United States should not be a food producer, but that this should be left to the less-developed countries.’
    • ‘Two works explore the truck as a semiotic template, but both are concerned with truck drivers in less-developed countries.’
    • ‘For the most part, only wealthy countries with well-developed financial systems participated; smaller and less-developed countries were mainly absent from these discussions.’
    • ‘After a series of reconstructional loans to help members after World War II, from 1949 it concentrated on development loans, particularly to less-developed countries.’
    • ‘One thing is, we have a tendency to forget that this is in fact still a less-developed country or a developing country.’
    • ‘Each year many students come from less-developed countries to the wealthier nations for higher education.’
    • ‘These results have important implications for policy formulation, especially in China and the less-developed countries of East Asia, but also in low- and middle-income countries in general.’
    • ‘Remittances have for generations been a traditional means of financial support to family members in less-developed countries.’
    • ‘The end of the cold war has produced contradictory results in the less-developed countries.’
    • ‘The environment is also better in such countries than in less-developed countries, including formerly communist countries.’
    • ‘The average number of children per couple has been slowly falling in less-developed countries, but the total population is growing faster than ever because of the large numbers of young people entering childbearing years.’
    • ‘For instance, pupils are taught what they should be doing to reduce global warming, or how multinational corporations exploit less-developed countries.’
    • ‘Build a dam to bring irrigation and clean water to the people of a less-developed country, and the critics complain about the impact on the environment.’
    • ‘The major bank executives did not seem the least embarrassed by their aggressive position in the less-developed countries.’