Definition of lepton number in US English:

lepton number


  • A quantum number assigned to subatomic particles that is ±1 for leptons and 0 for other particles and is conserved in all known interactions.

    • ‘You are right that you could suppress such processes by requiring the separate generation lepton numbers to be conserved.’
    • ‘When you add the appropriate baryon and lepton numbers and know the beginning charge of both particles, all three of these numbers must be equal before and after the reaction.’
    • ‘The observation of the following two decay processes leads to the conclusion that there is a separate lepton number for muons which must also be conserved.’
    • ‘It is also possible to compute the average baryon and lepton numbers at finite temperatures and in the relativistic domain.’
    • ‘In any reaction between particles, anti or normal, the baryon and lepton numbers must be conserved.’