Definition of leptokurtic in English:



  • (of a frequency distribution or its graphical representation) having greater kurtosis than the normal distribution; more concentrated about the mean.

    Compare with platykurtic, mesokurtic
    • ‘The fitness distribution of the MA lines is leptokurtic and skewed to the left.’
    • ‘However, all of the fitness and morphological traits they reviewed had distributions of mutant effects more leptokurtic than a normal distribution.’
    • ‘Frequency distributions of distances dispersed by animals are most always leptokurtic.’
    • ‘Bluehead chub, creek chub, and redbreast sunfish movement distributions were significantly leptokurtic.’
    • ‘The evidence from House Finches suggests that vagrants are simply the individuals that make up the long tails of leptokurtic frequency distributions typical of data on distances moved by animals.’


Early 20th century: from lepto- ‘narrow’ + Greek kurtos ‘bulging’ + -ic.