Definition of leprosarium in US English:



  • A hospital for people with leprosy.

    • ‘The monastery functioned as a leprosarium and Juliana served there as a canoness until ousted during a conflict with townspeople.’
    • ‘Now leprosariums have been built to help lepers to live normal lives with other able-bodied people.’
    • ‘Pressed to choose the most challenging and rewarding location, he cites the San Pablo leprosarium in the middle of the Amazon.’
    • ‘The white nuns who run the leprosarium insist that the entire staff wear rubber gloves when dealing with the mestizo patients.’
    • ‘Mont-Cornillon was the site of a leprosarium and monastery under the Rule of Saint Augustine, just outside the city walls of Liege.’


Mid 19th century: from late Latin leprosus ‘leprous’ + -arium.