Definition of Lepontic in US English:



  • An ancient Celtic language, possibly a variant of Gaulish, spoken at one time in parts of Switzerland and northern Italy.

    • ‘Galatian and Lepontic were spoken in Europe from France To Turkey while Celtiberian was spoken in the Iberian Peninsula.’
    • ‘Of course, others have argued that Lepontic isn't Celtic, but Ligurian, another Indo-European language system of Italy.’
    • ‘In some cases, as with Celtiberian, Galatian, Gaulish, Lepontic, Cumbric, and others, it is already too late.’
    • ‘The early inscriptions are traditionally designated as Lepontic and the later ones as Celtic or Gallo-Lepontic, but recent research has moved towards identifying them all as a form of early Celtic.’
    • ‘Some of the forms of Continental Celtic have been partially reconstructed, including Gaulish, Celtiberian and Lepontic.’