Definition of Lenni Lenape in US English:

Lenni Lenape


  • 1A group of North American peoples who formerly occupied the Delaware and Hudson River valleys, with existing populations in Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Ontario.

    • ‘The mask appearing on the flag of the Lenni Lenape is divided vertically into black and red halves.’
    • ‘In the fall the Lenni Lenape would migrate back to their settlements to harvest their gardens and prepare for winter.’
    • ‘The contributions of the Lenni Lenape are documented and memorialized here at the Museum.’
    • ‘The Lenni Lenape were gentle, peace-loving people who lived in small, unfortified villages.’
    • ‘The native Lenni Lenapes were a peaceful tribe with no centralized governing structure.’
    1. 1.1 A member of one of the Delaware peoples.
      • ‘Most of the Lenni Lenapes are now living in Oklahoma.’
      • ‘There is no reliable written record of Lenni Lenapes marrying or living with the people who eventually settled in the mountains and became known locally as a distinct group.’
  • 2The Eastern Algonquian language spoken by any of the Delaware peoples.


Lenni Lenape