Definition of leniency in English:



  • The fact or quality of being more merciful or tolerant than expected; clemency.

    ‘the court could show leniency’
    • ‘There is the famous joke about the man who kills his parents and then looks for leniency at his murder trial because he is an orphan.’
    • ‘He's publicly turned down a deal for leniency in exchange for information on his surveillance activities.’
    • ‘So I think the rules of engagement give the military the leniency they need to accomplish their mission.’
    • ‘The son pleads guilty, tearfully begging for leniency based on his claim that his father molested him.’
    • ‘South Africa too, will seek more leniency in international trade of elephant products.’
    mercifulness, mercy, clemency, lenity, forgiveness
    tolerance, forbearance, moderateness, lack of severity, moderation, humanity, charity, indulgence, gentleness, mildness, sufferance, acceptance
    pity, sympathy, compassion, understanding, concern, consideration, kindness, kind-heartedness, benevolence
    soft-heartedness, permissiveness, liberality, liberalness
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