Definition of leisurewear in US English:



  • Casual clothes designed to be worn for leisure activities, particularly sweatsuits and other sportswear.

    as modifier ‘a leisurewear company’
    • ‘We are at a time when current fashion trends are remarkably amenable to gun concealment, particularly in leisurewear.’
    • ‘We have a full wardrobe capability for all military, police, workwear, civilian and leisurewear garments.’
    • ‘Children attending the camps need leisurewear, packed lunches, plenty of drinks and tuck money.’
    • ‘It will feature ethnic clothing from Traidcraft and leisurewear such as tracksuits by Gossipium.’
    • ‘Compston saunters in 10 minutes later, resplendent in full leisurewear regalia.’
    • ‘A new range of merchandising units along with a new range of leisurewear has now been ordered, which should be with us by early April.’
    • ‘For marginalised black Americans, wearing what is ostensibly leisurewear became a symbol of exclusion from the labour market.’
    • ‘I almost laugh but Martin Compston, patron saint of leisurewear in Scotland, just grins.’
    • ‘Frankly, some of these hawkers would try to palm you off with a tracksuit full of holes and call it aerated leisurewear.’
    • ‘I prefer my leisurewear prefaced with a Stella Mc, and my exercise as bloodless as her mother's sausages.’