Definition of leisure class in US English:

leisure class


  • A social class that is independently wealthy or has much leisure.

    • ‘Woodcraft offered a virile form of recreation that distanced the urbanite from a leisure class that hired guides for their wilderness trips or spent their vacations in effeminate mountain resorts.’
    • ‘The country has developed more of a leisure class.’
    • ‘Veblen's study of the leisure class, moreover, showed how the pecuniary values of the leisure class created a ‘capitalist hegemony,’ to use Edgell's term, by influencing the values of all other members of society.’
    • ‘The French make up the leisure class, along with local elected officials (among them a number of Creoles descended from planters), merchants, and salaried workers.’
    • ‘Mass-produced objects had a ‘sameness’ to them, and because they were mass-produced they were by definition ‘perceived as being common and it is this commonness that the leisure class objected to.’’
    • ‘Certainly, the image casts him as a member of the leisure class who maintains ‘an air of kindly patronage’ toward his lower-class visitor.’
    • ‘They became a new and crucial leisure class, the focus of every advertiser's lust, every merchant's greed.’
    • ‘There is a thriving leisure class, which has given way to a class of well-off entertainers - dancers, acrobats, singers and other such performers in addition to the usual street variety.’
    • ‘Inverting a familiar social Darwinist argument, Veblen contended that the leisure class retarded social progress by sheltering itself from the economic forces that encouraged adaption.’
    • ‘He tends to portray high earners as bad guys, the unproductive leisure class.’