Definition of legionnaires' disease in US English:

legionnaires' disease


  • A form of bacterial pneumonia first identified after an outbreak at an American Legion meeting in 1976. It is spread chiefly by water droplets through air conditioning and similar systems.

    See also legionella
    • ‘One case study concerned an outbreak of legionnaires' disease in citizens from four member states that was linked to a location outside the EU.’
    • ‘If you develop the above symptoms and you are worried that it might be legionnaires' disease, you should see your GP.’
    • ‘Health chiefs are still looking into an outbreak of legionnaires' disease which killed six people in Barrow-in-Furness.’
    • ‘An outbreak of legionnaires' disease occurred a year ago in a small town in northern Portugal, coinciding with the local annual festivities.’
    • ‘Colds, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and influenza are more common in smokers, as is legionnaires' disease.’


legionnaires' disease

/ˈlēːjəˌne(ə)rz dəˌzēz/