Definition of legalistically in US English:



  • See legalistic

    • ‘He has quite legalistically denied any role in "leaking classified information."’
    • ‘Saturday's rally reminded me of the dangers of defining free speech legalistically.’
    • ‘I think informed consent is an absolute farce legalistically, morally, ethically.’
    • ‘The country's legal system is administered overly legalistically.’
    • ‘When Christians think of the Torah and law, they think legalistically, but really so much of Jewish law is concerned about how do you live with other people.’
    • ‘How can you ensure this legalistically if it does not correspond to the law?’
    • ‘The case may be legalistically arguable but it is not exactly in keeping with the underlying spirit of the accord.’
    • ‘The border issue is legalistically entangled and complicated.’
    • ‘Many Conservative Catholics began arguing legalistically about whether this war would be "just".’
    • ‘The bill tried legalistically to right a political, moral wrong.’