Definition of legal pad in US English:

legal pad


North American
  • 1A ruled writing tablet, often yellow, that measures 8½ by 14 inches.

    • ‘He had a few legal pads, a few pens, a pencil, and a paper folder for each subject.’
    • ‘It includes handwritten notes, audio recordings of conference calls and even a few doodles on legal pads.’
    • ‘He muttered as he reached for his bag and pulled out a yellow legal pad covered in scrawled writing.’
    • ‘In this scene, Cavanagh sits at Ed's desk, writing on a yellow legal pad.’
    • ‘He put down his pen and handed the legal pad to his visitor.’
    • ‘She jotted down notes frantically whenever she heard an insult she liked; soon she was on her fourth page on her yellow legal pad.’
    • ‘I got a yellow legal pad and a pencil and began to scribble.’
    • ‘He wrote out changes longhand on a yellow legal pad.’
    • ‘Another man with filthy clothes and wild hair spends hours filling legal pads with unintelligible squiggles.’
    • ‘Jen had legal pads passed around to those who hadn't brought any so they could take notes and put down ideas they might come up with.’
    • ‘She scribbled a few things on a yellow legal pad and left to give Adele privacy while she undressed.’
    • ‘They love to crunch numbers and scratch out mock drafts on legal pads at work.’
    • ‘Otis was at the counter writing furiously on his legal pad and barely acknowledging Adam as he ran into the back to grab his vest.’
    • ‘Every time I mentioned a family member, a significant other, or a career move, Victoria would scribble something on a yellow legal pad.’
    • ‘I gathered my legal pads, packed my laptop, bought a road map, and set off to do what real historians do.’
    • ‘Through it all, Wetterling is rapt, alternately nodding with empathy and jotting down notes on a legal pad in her lap.’
    • ‘I got out a legal pad, drew three columns and labeled them ‘Option,’ ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons.’’
    • ‘Both candidates are jotting something on legal pads.’
    • ‘He spent a great deal of time writing on his legal pad and aggressively underlining whatever he was writing.’
    • ‘As the editors explain, Reagan composed in longhand, usually on yellow legal pads, then had secretaries type his work.’
    1. 1.1 A ruled pad of paper.
      ‘premium legal pads with recycled paper, 5 x 8, white’
      • ‘He sighed and riffled through the mass of papers on his desk for a legal pad.’
      • ‘On average, her firm consumes 1,200 legal-size legal pads, 12,000 letter-size legal pads, and 4,200 Junior-size legal pads a year.’
      • ‘The teacher insisted I use notebook paper instead of legal pads.’
      • ‘Stashed between the legal pads and paper clips lie sewing room selections.’


legal pad