Definition of leg warmers in US English:

leg warmers

plural noun

  • A pair of tubular knitted garments designed to cover the leg from ankle to knee or thigh, typically worn by dancers during rehearsal.

    • ‘While extra clothing, such as sweatpants and leg warmers, can also raise your temperature, this may be prohibited at certain dance academies.’
    • ‘This movie will make you want to travel back in time to the 1980s when Michael Jackson's Thriller was a hit and you used to wear leg warmers and scrunchies.’
    • ‘For dedicated skaters like Carrier, it's not just about the cute skirts and leg warmers.’
    • ‘I especially love the leg warmer and flats all the models are sporting in the show.’
    • ‘I only use ankle warmers if I'm injured or sore, and leg warmers only when it's really cold.’
    • ‘Admittedly, I'd left my Jean-Paul Gaultier leg warmers at home.’
    • ‘Especially in New York, where people are focusing on bad '80s fashion, like shoulder pads and leg warmers.’
    • ‘I came home from London that summer wearing leg warmers, emboldened by the knowledge that I wasn't alone.’
    • ‘There were no leotards and leg warmers in sight as this modern and fresh production had the Manchester crowd in raptures.’
    • ‘She had on her lacy leg warmers and one of her mother's petticoats on under a long blue jean skirt, and she wore her father's old combat boots over three layers of cotton socks.’
    • ‘In 1989, I was wearing pink leotards, leg warmers, using homemade tapes (the same music every time) and doing jumping jacks for 20 minutes straight.’
    • ‘Shoving on some leg warmers, a black skirt and a t-shirt I made my way to the studio carrying my little blue dance satchel and drink bottle.’
    • ‘Wear leg warmers from 40-50 degrees, use tights for anything colder’
    • ‘Needless to say, I felt a little uncomfortable at the start and my teammates did not even have time to take their wind jackets and leg warmers off before the gun was fired.’
    • ‘The girl was tall, with long slender legs, curly long brown hair and dressed in a pink shirt with a purple scarf around her neck, her leggings were white and she also had a pair of leg warmers on.’
    • ‘Anyone who remembers the leg warmers, big perms and tight jeans of the 80s will love Footloose, which comes to the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham in April.’
    • ‘Under the leg warmers she was wearing orange-and-black striped toe socks, and leather sandals with heavy metal buckles.’
    • ‘Flares have been swapped for leg warmers and platform shoes for stilettos in the show which stars David Essex, former EastEnders star Sophie Lawrence and Scott Robinson from boy band 5ive.’
    • ‘I cannot remember the last time I raced in leg warmers, as a matter of fact, I am not sure if I ever have, but I wore them Sunday, and so did each of my teammates.’
    • ‘Harmonie offers new styles in leg warmers, hip shorts, and crop tees.’


leg warmers

/ˈlɛɡ ˌwɔrmərz//ˈleɡ ˌwôrmərz/