Definition of leg-rope in US English:



NZ, Australian
  • 1(in surfing) a rope attached to a surfboard and tied to the surfer's ankle to prevent the board being washed away by the surf.

    • ‘The man immediately went to the aid of his son, helping him back to shore, where he administered first aid, using his surfboard leg rope as a tourniquet.’
    • ‘One of the best things to happen to surfing did, however, happened in 1973, when surfer Jack O'Neill invented the leash, or leg rope.’
    • ‘There's not really a lot of equipment involved in surfing, but one item that may prove to be invaluable to you is the leash or leg rope.’
    • ‘He managed to flag down a passing boat after he became tangled with his leg rope and was having trouble keeping his head above water.’
    • ‘He suffered severe head trauma when a stray board, whose owner was not wearing a leg rope, smashed into the back of his head fracturing his skull.’
    • ‘His fellow competitor snapped his leg rope and was genuinely in a bit of trouble in the rough seas.’
    • ‘Wear a leg rope at all times - the last thing you want to do is lose your board and put others in danger.’
    • ‘The leg rope allows people to fall off surfboards without having to swim to shore to retrieve rock-damaged foam and fibreglass.’
    • ‘Surfers yelled at him to free his leg rope as his surfboard was caught under rocks in 3m swells.’
    • ‘He was able to fight off the shark before paddling back to shore where he used his surfboard's leg rope as a compress to stop the bleeding.’
    • ‘When I was a kid, one time I got my leg rope wrapped around my whole body like a ball, under water.’
  • 2A rope secured to a horse's leg, used to prepare the horse for a rider.

    • ‘Run the leg rope from the right ankle up over the horse's back.’
    • ‘The cows were baled individually and then I had to bend down behind them and fit a leg rope to the cow's leg, just above the hoof.’
    • ‘Tess, who twice daily milked eight or ten cows that stood placidly for her in the field, unrestrained by bail or leg-rope, also helped in butter and cheese making.’
    • ‘The hind leg rope is always a bit longer than the front leg rope.’
    • ‘She was a champion at putting her foot in the bucket of fresh milk when it was half full, so eventually we had to employ the use of a leg rope.’



/ˈlɛɡ roʊp/