Definition of leftward in US English:


(also leftwards)


  • 1Toward the left.

    ‘all the wheels were going leftward’
    • ‘Immediately below the bridge, a path runs leftwards, uphill to a tarmac road where a signpost to Birnam Hill points to the left.’
    • ‘The print shows a bearded man looking leftward into a mirror.’
    • ‘To the right of that complex a rough street leads diagonally leftward from the centre of the picture out of sight.’
    • ‘It shows a giant figure of a woman with an upraised hand drawn leftward.’
    • ‘I caught another set of headlights approaching me, and then looked leftwards to see who was beside me.’
    • ‘They stampede leftward.’
    • ‘The road bent leftward along the rear of Morris Street.’
    • ‘He moved his leg to the left, so he could move himself leftward, to allow his eyes to adjust better than they would if he had been blocking the light.’
  • 2Toward support of radical, reforming, or socialist views.

    ‘his politics moved sharply leftward’
    ‘public opinion is shifting leftwards’
    • ‘The avowedly staunch centrist governor lurched leftward.’
    • ‘I think her ideological leanings tend leftward.’
    • ‘His politics moved sharply leftward.’
    • ‘Domestic policy is drifting leftward, but there are sharp limits on how far it will go.’
    • ‘The country is moving leftward on many social issues.’
    • ‘Our politics continue to shift leftward and away from its conservative groove at a pace that has defied predictions.’


  • 1Going toward or facing the left.

    ‘they moved their eyes in a leftward direction’
    • ‘Once the lever is down and the sound and arrow are indicating leftward movement, you may proceed to make sure your path is clear, and then continue on with your intended movement.’
    • ‘Circular clockwise motion of a cilium can generate directional leftward flow if its axis is not perpendicular to the cell surface but tilted posteriorly.’
    • ‘They initiate their approach by pushing the ball leftward, walk left to their release area, and swing the ball to a breakpoint about 45 to 50 feet down the lane.’
    • ‘Eventually it landed a step or two onto the green and rolled some 30 yards forward, taking a small leftward slope toward the hole and eventually settling 3 ½ feet from the cup.’
    • ‘The track ran from point of entry in the upper-right back, going upward and slightly leftward, through the upper right lung and tearing open the right sub-clavian artery before exiting just to the right of midline of his chest.’
  • 2Tending to support radical, reforming, or socialist views.

    ‘the leftward shift in Western European politics’
    • ‘The goal in the long term is to generate the ideas that will pull the country in a leftward direction.’
    • ‘He has leftward leanings that show in private but that his aides are suppressing.’
    • ‘He seemed to be the best hope of countering this leftward drift in New York.’
    • ‘He is particularly dour about the universities, where the professoriate remains overwhelmingly attached to a familiar leftward agenda.’
    • ‘I don't think it's entirely correct to assign a leftward drift to the Republican efforts during his term.’
    • ‘The region boasts a leftward bent to its politics.’
    • ‘They would assume I was describing somebody on the leftward fringe of the most liberal party.’