Definition of left field in US English:

left field


  • 1Baseball
    The part of the outfield to the left of center field from the perspective of home plate.

    ‘a high fly to left field’
    • ‘It was 250 feet from home plate to left field, but there was a screen about 40 feet high.’
    • ‘Jorge Posada led off the inning with a solo home run to left field.’
    • ‘In the top of the third inning with two outs, the Padres' Gene Richards lofted a fly ball to left field.’
    • ‘Bryce had hit a fly ball to left field and Benji was running home and Bryce running to second.’
    • ‘For a long time, Womack has had a tendency to hit fly balls to left field for easy outs.’
    1. 1.1 The position of the defensive player stationed in left field.
      ‘I played left field a lot against him’
      • ‘Because of the configuration of PNC Park, he believes left field is the toughest defensive position in the outfield.’
      • ‘La Russa moved him from right field to left field following the trade for Walker last August.’
      • ‘Cordero will play a lot in left field, where he's below average.’
      • ‘The team's well-publicized troubles at Pacific Bell Park might have been even worse were it not for great defense from Bonds in left field.’
      • ‘He was an atrocious defensive player in left field, but in his four seasons with the Cubs, he hit for a .286 batting average.’
  • 2North American informal A surprising or unconventional position or style.

    ‘seldom do so many witty touches come out of left field’
    • ‘She just keeps prattling away, utterly oblivious to the fact that she's coming out of left field with all this stuff and that I have no clue what she's going on about.’
    • ‘The snappy dialogue is there, but the story is full of huge gaps and campy scenes that come out of left field to up the comedic ante.’
    • ‘And that sort of just came out of left field and really blew me away.’
    • ‘When we get to the famous section on the birds, it seems to come out of left field.’
    • ‘And this is an unthinkable, unspeakable tragedy that, in my opinion, came out of left field.’
    • ‘But I got such a terrible shock because it just came out of left field.’
    • ‘There are so many times where the actions of the various characters simply come out of left field.’
    • ‘I think they'll be the playoff team that kind of comes out of left field this year.’
    • ‘So, devastating as the liar claim is, it hardly comes out of left field.’
    • ‘It just came out of left field, and it enabled me to do something's totally different from scoring a live-action TV series.’
    1. 2.1 A position of ignorance, error, or confusion.
      ‘he's so far out in left field that even his followers are embarrassed’
      • ‘When the Congressmen would start asking him questions behind that, he was just completely out in left field.’
      • ‘It's nice to know I'm not out in left field in my thoughts and at the same time incredibly disturbing to see my thoughts reflected by another voice.’
      • ‘This time, however, he's really out in left field.’
      • ‘This is but one more example of the consensus view being way out in left field.’
      • ‘I spoke to a couple of players about the 2002 ‘dugout rule’ and they appeared to be as far out in left field as I was.’


left field

/ˈlɛf(t) ˈˌfild/