Definition of left bank in English:

left bank


  • The bank of a river on the left as one faces downstream.

    • ‘In 1888 the main line was extended down the left bank of the Ohio and across that stream to Cincinnati.’
    • ‘It's located on the left bank of the river Beas, at the eastern tip of the Kulu-Manali axis.’
    • ‘The town's garrison has been fighting for the past two weeks and continues to hold its positions on the left bank of the Euphrates.’
    • ‘Water will be channelled via an old intake on the left bank about 150 metres upstream of Miners Bridge.’
    • ‘Soon, a large force of British soldiers would advance up the left bank of the Waitara River against Maori-held positions.’
    • ‘My first contact with a HIV positive patient was in a small apartment on the left bank in Paris.’
    • ‘The travellers ate cold food from their stores, and continued on their way, following the left bank of the river upstream.’
    • ‘Just above this rapid, a green canoe is pulled onto the left bank, with a hodgepodge of gear piled alongside it on the rocky beach.’
    • ‘On the left bank of the river, the works lie north of the present city of Samarra, which is a walled city.’
    • ‘The new plan proposed an embankment like his original one, this time on the left bank of the Thames from Hungerford to London Bridge.’
    • ‘This cave is set in a limestone massif on the left bank of the river Verdouble.’
    • ‘In the late 19th century, Paris was a magnet for artists; there, Frieseke lived on the left bank.’
    • ‘The French would defend the other side of the Meuse, exploiting the natural obstacles offered by the river and the high ground of the left bank.’
    • ‘The best way to get your bearings is to walk to the top of Fourviere hill, on the left bank of the Saone.’
    • ‘Also on the left bank, but about half a mile downstream is a landing platform.’
    • ‘Other infrastructure development includes a new bridge over the Daugava, a road bypassing the city centre and several new cargo terminals on the left bank of the river.’
    • ‘The mine lay about 75 yards from the left bank of the river, and a little below high-water mark, with the end bearing the five horns inclined towards the east.’
    • ‘For red wines, this meant that they planted a lot of Cabernet Sauvignon, the dominant grape of the Medoc region on the left bank of the Gironde river, just downstream from Bordeaux.’
    • ‘The Marais is home to the city's trendiest nightspots, while St-Germain des Prés, the Latin Quarter and the Luxembourg Gardens on the left bank are the epitome of Parisian café society.’
    • ‘The town was founded by So's ancestors in 1720 on the left bank of the Senegal River.’

Definition of Left Bank in English:

Left Bank

proper noun

  • A district of Paris, France, situated on the left bank of the Seine River, to the south of the river. It is an area noted for its intellectual and artistic life.