Definition of left and right in US English:

left and right


  • 1On or towards the left and the right; on both sides; in both directions.

  • 2Informal. On or from all sides; in all directions; indiscriminately; prodigiously.


  • Characterized by movement to both left and right; characterized by, or involving both the left and the right hands, sides, etc.


  • 1Shooting. = left-and-right shot.

  • 2Boxing. An attack consisting of a blow delivered with the left hand followed by a blow delivered with the right hand.


Mid 18th century; earliest use found in Robert Lloyd (bap. 1733, d. 1764), poet and playwright. From left + and + right.


left and right

/ˌlɛft ən(d) ˈrʌɪt/