Definition of lee wave in US English:

lee wave


  • A standing atmospheric wave generated on the sheltered side of a mountain by an air current passing over or around it, and often made visible by the formation of clouds.

    • ‘They also suggest that the largest amplitude lee waves have a wavelength close to the ridge separation distance, suggesting a resonant wave response of the atmosphere to the valley geometry.’
    • ‘It is a localised lee wave so the air going across forms a little rounded peak.’
    • ‘Significant lee waves are observed over the central East coast of Greenland in mountains west of Scoresby Sund, the location of a 110-km deep fjord.’
    • ‘This is a good example of a lee wave associated with an impact crater.’
    • ‘The image shows lee waves and streak clouds just north of Utopia Planitia during late summer at 6: 51 local time.’