Definition of lector in English:



  • 1A reader, especially someone who reads lessons in a church service.

    • ‘Training is provided and lectors are asked to commit to serve once a month.’
    • ‘Ideally, the readings at weddings and funerals are proclaimed by lectors of the parish who have been properly trained.’
    • ‘Let the presider and sacristan know that you are one of the lectors for that mass.’
    • ‘Around the year 1271 he served as lector in the Dominican convent at Freiberg in Saxony.’
    • ‘Further, if a suitable lector is not present, then the priest celebrant also delivers the other readings.’
    • ‘Truly, lectors are Ministers of God's Word, as they communicate the story of salvation history to the Christian community.’
    • ‘Here nothing is as insightful as videotaping a lector in practice and then showing her or him the videotape afterwards.’
    • ‘Leading the Liturgy of the Word that forms the first part of every service of Holy Eucharist, lectors proclaim the Word of God from the Old and New Testaments.’
    • ‘Current lectors may request an additional electronic copy.’
    • ‘If the lector reads the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation, prepare those in a similar manner.’
    • ‘Beyond reading the sacred scripture, lectors write the intercessions we pray in the name of the community each week.’
    • ‘The lectors minister the presence of God who speaks when the scriptures are proclaimed in church.’
  • 2A lecturer, especially one employed in a foreign university to teach in their native language.

    • ‘My career proceeded quite smoothly, as I climbed the academic ladder from lector to professor, but in terms of intellectual stimulus or inspiration, I was very disenchanted at the time.’
    • ‘I cannot understand why they did not employ at least a German and a French lector to check this book.’
    • ‘We drank and partied with my parents, the other new lecturers, the German lector, Klaus, the French lecteur, Patrice, Russell a student and poet with long, thin hair, Vicky, a German student, and Andy who ran the hall of residence.’
    • ‘He was lucky for the lector changed the mark on his Russian language course to ‘good’ so that he could take his degree.’
    university teacher, fellow, professor, reader, lector, college tutor, academic, scholar
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Late Middle English: from Latin, from lect- read, chosen from the verb legere.