Definition of lecherous in English:



  • Having or showing excessive or offensive sexual desire.

    ‘she ignored his lecherous gaze’
    • ‘Magdelene is cheerfully lecherous and unabashedly lazy (as Huff puts it in the Afterword) which means that she's not going to hustle around saving people like a superhero.’
    • ‘Name the types of noises your lecherous Frenchman finds hilarious.’
    lustful, licentious, lascivious, libidinous, prurient, lewd, salacious, lubricious, debauched, dissolute, wanton, loose, fast, impure, unchaste, intemperate, dissipated, degenerate, sinful, depraved, crude, goatish
    sensual, libertine, promiscuous, carnal
    dirty, filthy, perverted, coarse, corrupt, indecent
    randy, horny, raunchy, pervy, naughty
    concupiscent, lickerish
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Middle English: from Old French lecheros, from lecheor (see lecher).