Definition of leave something off in US English:

leave something off

phrasal verb

  • Omit to put on.

    ‘a bolt may have been left off the plane's forward door during production’
    • ‘It was getting darker all time and because I'd left my gloves off, my hands were also freezing cold.’
    • ‘About two months ago the dealer left a clamp off my radiator hose after servicing my car.’
    • ‘The other method was to leave his name off a work completely or to send in a proxy.’
    • ‘So, while I will sometimes turn comments on, I'll probably leave them off most of the time.’
    • ‘Didn't you notice when you left my name off Katie's registration?’
    • ‘I would have left her name off the list but that would have been rude.’
    • ‘Apparently, some people think I left certain characters off the poll because of prejudices.’
    • ‘She left her gloves off, and the covers for her forearms and calves, and turned her attention back to her wet hair.’
    • ‘At his suggestion, they left his name off the credits so it wouldn't hurt their sales.’
    • ‘I considered buying it anyway, and leaving the wheels off - it would match what I have now.’