Definition of leave someone be in US English:

leave someone be


  • Refrain from disturbing or interfering with someone.

    • ‘Those who want our business approach us with friendly calls, and leave us be when we decline their offers.’
    • ‘In fact, she seems to prefer it that way, so I've left her be, but I know that at least I've made an effort.’
    • ‘My insomnia, although ever present, takes a backseat to my life's list of troubles, and leaves me be that I may live my life in relative restfulness.’
    • ‘Tell us when to show up, tell us what to do, tell us when we are supposed to go home, and leave us be.’
    • ‘He would have gotten more respect out of me if he just left me be when I asked him to.’
    • ‘Impressed as ever by her verve, we left her be, the sound of thousands of tiny sobs fading as we went.’
    • ‘Creatures and races that long left us be have awoken and thrown their might at us.’
    • ‘She does not manipulate the needles, just taps them in and leaves me be for 20 minutes or so.’
    • ‘The facilities were good and clean, the staff were helpful and left us be when we wanted to be left.’
    • ‘We just left him be for the night and gave him a place to sleep until we could get him the medical attention he needed.’