Definition of leave off in US English:

leave off

phrasal verb

  • 1Discontinue (an activity)

    ‘the dog left off chasing the sheep’
    • ‘In the second half the game continued in the same vein, where it left off at the break.’
    • ‘Many angrily told him to leave off shouting; but he only cried out all the louder.’
    • ‘That's where the DVD version scores because when you sit down to pick it up again it goes back to the beginning of the scene where you left off.’
    • ‘I swear it leaves off then, to resume work somewhere in my abdomen, causing the most uncomfortable swelling and, eventually, making it harder and harder to breath.’
    • ‘Some foolish part of me thought I could walk straight back into the studio and pick right up where I left off, but this is really not the case.’
    • ‘He jokes with him on the phone, finishes the call and continues at the point that he left off.’
    • ‘He must start every day where he had to leave off the previous evening.’
    • ‘Picking up his book where he had left off he tried to focus on the words but the images they painted in his mind didn't match anything that had come before.’
    • ‘He continued where he left off after the break and nearly gave his side the lead after 52 minutes.’
    • ‘And here I drank wine upon necessity, being ill for want of it, and I find reason to fear that by my too sudden leaving off wine, I do contract many evils upon myself.’
    stop, cease, finish, desist from, keep from, break off, lay off, give up, discontinue, refrain from, restrain oneself from, hold back from, swear off, resist the temptation to, stop oneself from, withhold from, eschew
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    1. 1.1 Come to an end.
      ‘he resumed the other story at the point where the previous author had left off’
      • ‘Some even carry on a story from where tracks on previous albums left off.’
      • ‘It definitely should have left off with the apocalyptic ending.’
      • ‘The Tories continued where the previous Labour government left off in trying to tame militant trade unionism.’
      • ‘I wouldn't try, or want to try, to carry on from where he left off.’
      • ‘She takes up where she left off before her brief battle with temptation.’
      • ‘They began the second half where they left off from the first.’
      • ‘Since we last left off, there have been major problems that have arisen with regard to our building project.’
      • ‘They rode right into a squadron of our own cavalry, who dealt with them and finished where we'd left off.’
      • ‘I wish, though, to return to the scene of the crime, in a manner of speaking, where I left off last week.’