Definition of leave-taking in US English:



  • An act of saying goodbye.

    ‘the leave-taking was restrained, with none of her earlier displays of emotion’
    • ‘I can nowise explain what sort of whim, prank, or perversity it was, that, after all these leave-takings, induced me to go to the pig-stye and take leave of the swine!’
    • ‘In your new book, you focus on what you call ‘leave-takings ‘- moments that are among the most powerful in our lives - and about how meditation can help us prepare for these.’’
    • ‘You have to be prepared to let them experience the consequences of their disorganization, if your family's truly going to get its act together where leave-takings are concerned.’
    • ‘While it is normative for women to take time off from work to care for family needs, men's leave-taking may be more scrutinized by employers as a violation of gendered expectations in the workplace, and they suffer larger wage penalties as a result.’
    • ‘I am writing to explain the Administration's present thinking on leave-taking and leave accumulation in the civil service.’
    • ‘If this leave-taking is difficult, complex and conflict-filled for most young adults, it is doubly so for adoptees.’
    • ‘One of the hallmarks of apraxia is the relative preservation of automatic or over learned speech sequences such as greetings, leave-takings and proverbs.’
    • ‘And then ideologically: a leave-taking from a specific doctrine of salvation and, beyond that, from the illusion that unacceptable circumstances of life can be changed by this conventional expedient of violent struggle.’
    departure, leaving, parting, withdrawal, exit, farewell, goodbye, adieu, valediction
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/ˈlēv ˌtākiNG//ˈliv ˌteɪkɪŋ/