Definition of least worst in US English:

least worst


  • Best out of a group which are all undesirable or of poor quality.

    ‘choosing the least worst option is your only escape’
    • ‘British television has been described as 'the least worst television in the world', a tribute, albeit grudging, to its quality.’
    • ‘Affirmative action, despite its flaws, is the least worst option.’
    • ‘It is a question of choosing not the best option but the least worst.’
    • ‘I must sadly agree that his proposal may be the least worst solution.’
    • ‘If services have to be cut to reduce costs, reductions in opening hours are the least worst option.’
    • ‘Many thought that she might yet prove to be the least worst option to 'lead' the government in the coming term.’
    • ‘People use British trains because the roads are so clogged they are the least worst alternative.’
    • ‘He would do well to listen to every possible version, including his chancellor's, in seeking the least worst answer to this conundrum.’
    • ‘Surely the smart move is to support the least worst party’
    • ‘As he himself noted in a recent interview, he is the "least worst" choice of the two candidates.’
    • ‘I think all the parties are dismal although I do usually bother to vote for the least worst.’
    • ‘Penalty shoot-outs do not decide the better team, they decide the least worst team.’