Definition of learn one's lesson in US English:

learn one's lesson


  • Acquire a greater understanding of the world through a particular unpleasant or stressful experience.

    • ‘How will I learn my lesson if I forget what happened?’
    • ‘Either the audience will hate it or they'll like it, so you learn your lesson.’
    • ‘‘Perhaps now you'll learn your lesson,’ I gloated as I handed everything over to him.’
    • ‘When will the occupiers learn their lesson and withdraw?’
    • ‘Ours are professionals and the Americans will soon learn their lesson.’
    • ‘Despite warnings, the city's near-sighted swimmers still wear their glasses when swimming in wave-making pools, and most of them don't learn their lesson until they lose their glasses.’
    • ‘They are in the minority however, and most learn their lesson and do better in the second year.’
    • ‘I brought you here as a companion, but I thought you'd learn your lesson about your boyfriend.’
    • ‘This time I'll make sure you learn your lesson!’
    • ‘Perhaps this time around the Democrats will learn their lesson.’