Definition of leafy spurge in US English:

leafy spurge


  • A perennial Eurasian herb that produces a flat-topped cluster of yellow bracts bearing small flowers. It is a noxious weed in prairie and grassland areas of the US, where it aggressively displaces native plants.

    Euphorbia esula, family Euphorbiaceae

    • ‘As agriculture expanded onto the prairies, wild oats and sow thistle, leafy spurge and Canada thistle migrated westward.’
    • ‘Canada thistle and leafy spurge are two noxious weed species that are increasing in Nebraska.’
    • ‘Currently there are six noxious weeds in Nebraska, including Canada thistle, plumeless thistle, musk thistle, leafy spurge, spotted knapweed, and diffuse knapweed.’
    • ‘Goats can help control many plant species that cattle do not eat, including various noxious weeds (e.g. leafy spurge, thistles).’
    • ‘The weeds, spotted knapweed and leafy spurge, are native to Europe.’