Definition of leafstalk in English:



  • A petiole.

    • ‘From the skin of the fleshy leafstalks which form the false stem of the abaca plant, strips called lupis are prepared.’
    • ‘While the leafstalks are edible, the leaves themselves contain oxalic acid and should not be eaten.’
    • ‘Depending on variety, leaves are dark to medium green, usually with red or white leafstalks and veins.’
    • ‘Stop harvesting when leafstalks begin to appear slender and remove any blossom stalks.’
    • ‘This study demonstrates that the material with a low molecular weight of 158 is an active component in wasabi leafstalk which stimulates bone calcification.’
    • ‘The leaf veins and leafstalks of those near the base of the plant are reddish and contain woolly hair.’
    • ‘Cabbage palm has smooth leafstalks that continue through the blade tips.’
    • ‘Never mind that an aspen's leaves are ‘2 to 6 inches long, with flattened leafstalks.’’
    • ‘Sometimes the leafstalk was eaten through a little too far, or broke off in bending, which accounted for the green leaves found on the ground.’
    • ‘The leafstalks will be of poor texture and flavor and oxalic acid may have migrated from the leaf blades.’
    • ‘Sunken, water-soaked spots also appear on the leafstalks of rhubarb plants which have been infected with phytophthora species fungi causing crown rot.’
    • ‘First, rhubarb leafstalks are cut into small pieces, such pieces being on the order of one inch long.’
    • ‘Stalk lengths shredded in the transverse direction of the leafstalk do not give rise to any problems and need not be removed.’
    • ‘If you have a wetland fern, with tall, narrow fronds and leaflets which are very widely spaced from one another along the leafstalk and those leaflets are twisted so as to not lie on the same plane as the frond, then you have Dryopteris cristata, Crested Shield Fern.’
    • ‘The bright canary yellow leafstalks are tied in two to four ‘hands’ for marketing.’
    • ‘As soon as you cut the budstick from the tree or shrub, clip off the leaves; allow about 1/2 inch of the leafstalk to remain as a handle.’
    • ‘Dark-green streaks and rings also appear in the leafstalks and stems.’
    • ‘The leafstalk would stand up and everything would restore to the original appearance.’
    • ‘Leaves, each with one to three pairs of smooth, tiny leaflets, shed early, leaving leafstalks to provide lightly filtered shade.’
    • ‘The leafstalks and stem bases were formerly blanched like celery, but as a vegetable it has fallen into disuse.’