Definition of leaf trace in US English:

leaf trace


  • A strand of conducting vessels extending from the stem to the base of a leaf.

    • ‘In the studied stem segments, the leaf traces extended for four internodes before the connection with the other vascular bundles.’
    • ‘Each leaf trace is ultimately derived from an axial bundle or bundles.’
    • ‘Lyginopteris has axillary branching and a small petiole with a V- or W-shaped leaf trace.’
    • ‘They are discontinuities in the vascular cylinder that occur where leaf traces (the vascular bundles supplying leaves) depart from the stele.’
    • ‘The first 24 hr of each leaf trace were excluded from the period estimation to remove any transient effects of the transfer to continuous light and, where possible, the window was started from 40 to 60 hr elapsed time for consistency.’